College Counseling Overview

High School Code: 052153  
Highland Hall Waldorf School offers a rigorous and demanding curriculum that prepares students for college and for life after college.  Most of our graduates attend respected four-year colleges and universities and many go on to pursue advanced degrees. The college admission process is an important rite of passage for high school students, allowing them to gain independence, build confidence and, most importantly, prepare themselves for college life.
Highland Hall offers a highly personal college counseling service, and our on-staff College Counselor guides each student through the college application process.  This begins in 9th grade when students are introduced to various colleges and college systems and get accustomed to the language that is used during the college application process. In the 10th grade the exploration of colleges continues with students, helping to match each one's interests and qualifications with the right colleges and universities.
Every 9th, 10th, and 11th grade student is required to take the PSAT in the fall.  Highland Hall also hosts an outside test prep program on campus to assist students with preparing for the SAT and ACT. The college process accelerates at the end of 11th grade when the students begin to work on their college admissions essays.  This writing process is supported by the guidance of our English faculty and the College Counselor.  In the 12th grade our counselor continues to work with students, delving into topics such as resume building, portfolio supplement, requests for letters of recommendation, financial aid, and the college interview. Our counselor provides support to the capacities the students are self-cultivating, ensuring they are best positioned to pursue their post-secondary graduate goals.
All high school students are encouraged to contact our counselor directly to schedule appointments for college counseling.  Students often drop in for a quick question, and may phone or email for additional support.  We want students to become proactive with their education and not be intimidated by the college application process. Parents are also welcome to contact the Counselor with questions or concerns.
Our College Counselor enjoys working with students during this exciting time and works to make the experience fun and as minimally stressful as possible. At Highland Hall our class sizes allow every student to receive personal support and guidance during the college search and application process.  The list of colleges and universities attended by our students is testament to the quality of education at Highland Hall and to the personal support each college applicant receives from the school.  
For further questions, please contact College Counselor Annie Pinckney at [email protected], or at 818-349-1394 x 219.