Lunch Program

Highland Hall is pleased to announce a New Lunch Program for 2018-19.

Please click here for more in-depth information and all you need to know!

What is the cost range for meals?

Combo meals (entree + side + fruit + snack + water) range from $6.95 (regular) - $7.95 (large).
Choose from 3 entrees (one is vegetarian), 4 sides, & 2 Fruit options daily.

There is also an extensive range of a la carte* menu items to choose from. 
* Pricing is dependent on items purchased.

Do they have larger meals for our bigger kids?

There are 2 sizes, regular and large. The regular size is portioned for a range of the younger children; the large size is portioned for the older kids and adults.

Do we need a school code to sign up?

Yes, but firstly you need to click here to create an account.

Our School’s Password is Valley17

  • Enter information and click Submit
  • Enter Information for your student
  • Add Profile and repeat for any additional students
  • Click I’m Done and then Sign In

Do you have an app or do parents order online?

Orders must be placed online at

Order Lunch

What is the deadline for ordering? 

UPDATE: From January 2, 2019 order deadline will be 72hrs before day of service. If you need lunch for​ a Monday​, order must be placed ​by 7:00 am on the Friday before.