Lunch Program

Choicelunch, our lunch provider, delivers healthy boxed lunches directly to our school.  The ordering process is easy and they offer a wide selection of healthy menu items, including gluten-free and vegetarian options. Restricted menus for children with allergies are available.

The Choicelunch meals are convenient and affordable: a regular size meal is $5.20, a large size meal is $6.25. Entree selections include pastas, salads, sandwiches, wraps, pizza, sushi and many other kid-friendly selections. Each lunch comes with your choice of a cold or hot entree, a healthy snack, and seasonal fruit and vegetables.  Drinks are not included, so please be sure to send water or a drink with your child.

Ordering Deadline: You can submit your order by 9am the school day before the lunch is to be served.  For example, Thursday's lunch can be ordered by Wednesday at 9am. Keep in mind that a Monday’s lunch must be ordered the Friday before at 9am. You can pre-order up to an entire month in advance.

Last Minute Lunch: Forgot to order by 9am the school day before? Not a problem, Choicelunch offers last minute lunches which can be ordered as late as 6am the same day lunch is requested for only $1.00 more.

Emergency lunches: We have a few extra hot entrees to be used in the event a child does not have a lunch and would otherwise go hungry. Please use this only in emergencies. There is an added $1.45 service fee.

Cancellations: If your child is sick, has a field trip, doctor’s appointment, etc. you can cancel by 5 pm the school day before to receive full credit. However, if you cancel after 5 pm the school day before, but before 9 am the day lunch is served, you receive half credit on your account for future use.

Do Not Serve List: We receive a Do Not Serve List from Choicelunch which means we are unable to provide emergency lunches to the students noted on the list. A student may be on this list for three reasons: 1. Your account setting is set to “Opt Out”. This means you are choosing to Opt Out of emergency lunches, usually for allergen purposes. 2. You have a past due balance. Choicelunch will not provide emergency lunches to families who have a past due balance. 3. You do not have a Choicelunch account. We cannot provide emergency lunches to students without a Choicelunch account. In order to prevent this from occurring, we encourage everyone to create a Choicelunch account, even if you do not actively participate in the program.  

We serve the boxed lunches under the big shade tree along near 7th and 8th grade classrooms. Grades 1-3 get to go to the front of the line to pick up their meals.

How to Get Started
  1. Go to 
  2. Click on Create New Account and enter Registration Code: Highlandhall  
  3. Fill out the information for each student.
  4. Select your menus and payment method.
Choice Lunch Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I view lunches I have ordered for my children in a calendar format?  Choose the View My Lunches link after you log in. Once you are here, you can print out a copy for your refrigerator (or other handy location) by clicking on the printer icon in the top right corner of the page.

Q. When can I cancel lunches?  You can cancel your child's lunch up to 9 am on the day the lunch is to be served. Please note any field trips, doctor's appointments, or vacation dates prior to ordering 

Q. Do I get a full credit if I cancel? If you cancel the lunch by 5pm the school day before, you receive full credit on your Choicelunch account for future use. If you cancel after 5pm the school day before, but before 9 am the day lunch is served, you receive half credit on your account for future use

Q. What is the difference between a regular and large entree?
A large entree is usually 150-200 calories more than a regular sized-entree (usually 350-400 calories). Every dish is a little different, for example a large could be a combination of more burrito filling and more rice, or more chicken tenders. For pizza, a regular is 1 slice and a large is 2. The Choice Lunch Registered Dietician oversees all nutritional components to ensure that our meals are nutrient-dense and balanced 

Q. How do I pay for an “Emergency Lunch”?
You have three options, and you can always change your emergency lunch preference under My Account.
  1. You can select to auto-charge your emergency lunch.
  2. If you choose to "Bill Me" for emergency lunches, you will receive an email that your child did not have a lunch and that you are being billed for the cost of a lunch, plus an administrative fee of $1.45. You can then login to to pay by credit card or check, as you would any other order.
Finally, you can choose to never allow your child to receive an emergency lunch. You are choosing to notify all lunch volunteers not to distribute an emergency lunch to your child under any circumstance. Your child will not be given a lunch and you will not owe for payment for an emergency lunch. This applies to all children on your account.

Download the free Choice Lunch iPhone App:
Here's a link to learn about Choicelunch's free iPhone app where you are able to do everything on your phone including cancellations or changes as well as ordering your child's lunch by calendar, allergens or favorites:

We are looking for Parent Volunteers to help serve lunches at school. Volunteers will receive credits for free lunches for your child or a faculty member.   To volunteer, please contact our Lunch Program Coordinator, Heloise Meyer, at