Lunch Program

Highland Hall is pleased to announce that we have a new hot lunch provider for 2018-19.

What is the cost range for meals?

Combo meals range from $7.25 (regular) - $8.25 (large) and our a la carte menu depends on what item you order, but we have entrees starting at $4.95

Do they have larger meals for our bigger kids?

We have 2 sizes, regular and large.  The regular size is portioned for a range of the younger children; the large size is portioned for the older kids and adults.

Do we need a school code to sign up?

Yes, we will provide you with a sign up code with our Back to School information in mid-August.

Do you have an app or do parents order online?

Orders must be placed online at

What is the deadline for ordering? 

The deadline is a full day from day of service. So an order for Monday must be placed by midnight Saturday.