Humberto Ramirez, Athletics Director

What brought you to Waldorf Education?
"I learned about Highland Hall from a teacher I was assisting at a special education school in Glendale who was married to a class teacher here. I came here for an interview and was hired to teach games classes in the lower school and coach middle and high school sports teams. Although I had not had any prior knowledge of Waldorf education, I became enamored with how things worked here and I became dedicated to Highland Hall.
"I love coaching. I have coached in one way or another since I can remember. I decided I wanted to coach while I was in high school after coaching a group of eleven year old boys in flag football and had the time of my life. I came to Highland Hall in 1982. So, the majority of my coaching experience has been here. I am now going on 34 years at Highland Hall. I cannot envision myself any place else."
Why do you like working with students?
"I am rewarded when a student experiences success in their academic, artistic and sports/physical journey. Also, the enthusiasm of the students energizes me.  I have always had a passion for team sports. Being a team player and a good teammate has been my life's work. I attempt to teach this attitude to others in all aspects of life."
What are your passions, interests and/or hobbies outside of teaching?
"I also have a passion for the guitar. I play a bit at home and I enjoy singing."