Hiroko Horie

BA Math, Cal State University Northridge. Ms. Horie is a Master Math teacher of over 40 years with studies at the Waldorf Institute of Southern California.

What brought you to Waldorf Education?
"After I earned my BS degree in mathematics, I worked at several secondary schools in the San Fernando Valley. I heard about a different approach to the education of students called Waldorf, and I applied as a teacher at the Highland Hall. When I toured the school, I was profoundly impressed with the interaction of students and faculty, the small size of the classes, and the engagement of the students in their learning. I was very happy to join the faculty as a mathematics teacher."

What do you enjoy most about working with students?
"In Japan, both my parents were teachers. I fully understand the life and the purpose of an educator. During the nine years I taught math and music in Japan, the large size of the classes prevented me from closely interacting with each student on a daily basis in the classroom. Here at Highland Hall, our classes are smaller, and exciting moments happen during the lessons as the students learn how mathematics enriches their lives. I know my students well. I feel I am participating in their lives. The students also share my experiences in life."

What are your passions, interests and/or hobbies outside of teaching?
"Outside of teaching, my main interests are my family (both here and in Japan), music, and sports. I love watching baseball games on TV. I am also an avid Lakers fan, although I can rarely attend a game. I enjoy playing the piano and attending concerts at CSUN and other venues."