Dan Kotin, Economics, Government & History - Bio

What brought you to Waldorf Education?
"I was lucky enough to step into Waldorf education by accident, answering an ad in 2012 to teach just one class per semester at Highland Hall. I now teach History, Mathematics, Economics, and Government in the High School."
Why do you like working with students?
"I cannot think of a more important or rewarding task than to help to educate our youth, for they are the ones who will act in and shape the world for the next several decades: it is they who will make history. I love teaching at a Waldorf school, and at Highland Hall in particular, for I as a teacher here have the unique privilege and joy to encounter the free-thinking ideas and creative energy of our students. What new, insightful thoughts will they discover and share with me, and among themselves, today? I find it very stimulating to work with students in the context of the Highland Hall curriculum, because they grapple with its profound ideas each in their own way, and with every student's unique perspective on and reaction to them, each contributes to all the students' emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development. Through Waldorf education, students discover life's ultimate lessons: How to learn, and how to create for themselves knowledge and ethics that embody freedom and tools for lifelong self-development. I admire Highland Hall students because they are exceptionally gifted at recognizing these challenges, and because they choose to tackle them head-on.
What are your passions, interests and/or hobbies outside of teaching that might be of interest to your students?  
"To help myself to pursue the same goals as my students, in my spare time I follow political and economic events, develop my skills in public policy analysis, and play the bass guitar to my favorite rock n' roll tunes (preferably at high volume, but not too high)."