Highland Hall Waldorf School enjoys a vibrant and inclusive community life throughout the school year.  Students, Parents, Faculty and Alumni actively participate in a variety of community events, annual celebrations and other activities that support the life of the school and create a true sense of community so often wished for but seldom realized in today’s busy world.     
The beginning of the school year is marked by the Rose Ceremony.  Each first grader is welcomed with a rose by his or her twelfth grade “special friend”, marking the beginning of a wonderful journey through the grades.  Throughout the year the first graders and their special friends will continue to share many activities together, often leading to lifelong friendships. 
A hallmark of Waldorf education is the tradition of seasonal and cultural celebrations which support a sense of reverence and respect for the earth and its people.  Campus life is enhanced by festivities such as Michaelmas, Diwali, Advent Spiral, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year, Maypole Dances and many other cultural traditions.  Our Parent Association hosts several large community events, for example the Winter Faire and the May Faire, where our entire school comes together to bring the Waldorf experience to our larger community.  Athletic events, music and dramatic presentations present more opportunities for spirited support and cultural engagement. 
Throughout the year, parents are invited to participate in a number of artistic activities including a knitting circle, handwork, painting, and practical art classes taught by our specialty teachers.  We also have a vibrant gardening society that holds workshops and community events in our biodynamic farm. Our Parent Education Resource Committee supports our deep commitment to parent education by hosting various lectures and workshops throughout the year. 
The social hub of our campus is our Tree House Boutique and Cafe, which sells handmade toys, gifts, books, organic products, and provides a beautiful, shady oasis for socializing or enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. We welcome each parent and student to be fully involved in the close-knit, caring and committed community of our school.
Community Events Calendar:
End of the Quarter
Date: 6/9/2023
Last Day of School and Early Dismissal
Date: 6/9/2023
Graduation Ceremony - Class of 2023
Date: 6/9/2023, 6 PM
Location: in the Courtyard
Back to School Picnic
Date: 8/23/2023, 4 PM 6 PM
Location: HS Picnic Tables