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We teach students to be creative, critical thinkers with a strong moral compass who are open and resilient, and can turn challenges into possibilities. Visit us and see what a Highland Hall education can do for your child.

Recent News

Waldorf Chalkboard Drawings

Chalkboard drawings created by Grades' teachers are a unique aspect to Waldorf education. It brings not only beauty and art into every classroom but also often represents a timely theme studied in the class.
Waldorf Chalkboard Drawings Featured Photo

7th Grade Renaissance Art

To culminate their Renaissance History Block, 7th Grade students chose an artist and tried to render one of their works. Then, they made their own plaster and pigments to create their candle frescoes.
7th Grade Renaissance Art Featured Photo

Strengthening Critical Thinking & Self Expression

At Highland Hall our high school curriculum fosters a love of learning, teaching students not what to think, but how to think. Hear about Highland Hall High School from our students by signing up for one of our school tours.
Strengthening Critical Thinking & Self Expression Featured Photo

High School Handbell Choir

The High School Handbell Choir has been rehearsing Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles. A challenging piece, but they hope to perform it for the Spring concert in May. All High School students can participate in a Music Elective Class: orchestra, choir or handbell choir.
High School Handbell Choir Featured Photo