Waldorf Alum Spotlight

AWSNA Alum Relations has launched the Waldorf Alum Spotlight campaign celebrating Waldorf alums from across North America. A full listing of all alums can be found on the Waldorf Education website.

Early Childhood Enchanted Pumpkin Walk

A magical experience for children under six years old--open to the public!
Saturday, October 29th
6:30-8:30 pm
The Early Childhood Center at Highland Hall Waldorf School welcomes children under six years old and their guardians for an evening of enchantment! Wear your costumes and follow the pumpkin lantern-lit path to collect treasures along the way.
Free to attend! Advance RSVP's requested, to ensure there are enough treats for each child.

Seeding the Future Video

The world gets better one person and one action at a time. "Seeding the Future" provides a glimpse into the principles of Waldorf education, an education that fosters concern for others, connection to the world, and the capacity to be in service to society.

International Waldorf 100 Video Launched

The theme of this second Waldorf 100 video is “Encounter, Engagement, Inclusion” and it features schools from around the globe that are working in very important ways to advance the social mission of Waldorf education.

Gala Game Night, March 14!

Gear up for Game Night at Highland Hall! Mark your calendars and join us on March 14 for a fabulous Gala evening of Fun and Games and Surprises! Highland Hall will host this fabulous evening for our large community of parents, alumni, alumni parents and friends.

“Why Waldorf?” – A Film by Paul Zehrer About Waldorf Education

A highly informative and emotionally engaging portrait, “Why Waldorf” includes interviews from teachers, students, alumni, parents, doctors, authors and scholars, combined with beautiful and compelling visuals of students in action, stunning artwork, and alumni who express their poised and optimistic take on the future.
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