Garden Gnome Society

logoThe Garden Gnome Society (GGS) at Highland Hall, founded by Leslie Beers and Orly Pittock, is a resilient and vibrant group of current and alumni parent volunteers who support landscaping endeavors, campus renovations, aLeslie & Orlynd farm projects. The GGS brings the community of Waldorf parents, alumni, and donors together to beautify our campus with the magic of new plants, bright colors, and fresh coats of paint. 
This wonderful group also donates a weekly supply of food for the faculty! The GGS is a community supported group and all donations are welcomed! Please inquire about the farm supplies list if you wish to donate needed items. 
Join us on  Facebook - We update our Facebook page regularly with photos, community events, and links to local businesses. Garden Gnome Facebook Group
Recent projects supported by the Garden Gnome Society at Highland Hall include:
  • Renovation of the nursery play yard
  • Tile replacement in the main office entrance and kitchen
  • Painting in the school’s main office
  • Support for radio advertising on KCRW and KCSN
purpleWould you like to join the Garden Gnome Society at Highland Hall in supporting our school and our farm?  Here is a current Wish List of needed items for you to consider:
  • Install DG pathway through farm and garden area
  • Grape arbor for north side of raised beds – will serve to shade archery class, windbreak next to vegetable beds
  • John Deere Gator HPX with trailer for hauling items around farm
  • Dutch door for chicken coop to improve air circulation
  • Countertop / cabinets for new outdoor classroom
  • Organic cow manure (we have a source in Fresno - need to hire trucking service for delivery)
  • Half wine barrels for container planting
To make a gift to the farm and garden please contact our Advancement Director, Cara Lisco at [email protected] or use the donation form below.
Thank you for your support of the Garden Gnome Society at Highland Hall.