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Turn your everyday shopping into a contribution to Highland Hall!

You can help fund Highland Hall every time you shop through a myriad of opportunities!

Cheshire Horse



Shop from a wide selection of natural fiber apparel. Imported directly from Norway and Germany, The Cheshire Horse offers various top-of-the-line brands that are designed and manufactured with 100% eco-certified organic, pesticide free, eco-friendly and humanely sourced merino wool and silk, and only natural dyes are used to produce the wonderful color options.

• Use the code HIGHLAND15 and Highland Hall will receive a donation of 15% of your purchase! Offer is good through December 31. Click here to get started!


Did you know that every time you shop on Amazon, Highland Hall could get some cash back? It’s simple – sign up and remember to make ALL your Amazon purchases at rather than the usual Amazon address. The sites are identical, but when you check out at the site, Highland Hall gets a small contribution from Amazon every quarter, and it all adds up.

Read more details about setting up Amazon Smile on your devices

TIP: How to use AMAZON SMILE on your iPhone:
  • Remove the Amazon App from your iPhone
  • Load Amazon Smile ( on your web browser
  • Tap the 'share' button at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap the ‘Add to Home Screen’ icon. You may need to swipe to the left to see this.
  • You will now have an Amazon Smile icon on your home screen which can be used in the same way as the Amazon App.


Help Raise Funds for Highland Hall with some Fun and Unique Gift Shopping Ideas!

Baby - Backpacks/Lunchbags - Clothes - Costumes - Hair Accessories - Home Decor - Kitchen & Bath - Personalized - Toys

  • 20% of all purchases over $75 goes to Highland Hall
  • Organic & Natural Products are Eco-friendly & Uniquely French in Flavor!
  • Many products can be Personalized and make great Gift Ideas!
All you have to do is enter "HH family" in the comments box at checkout and 20% OF YOUR PURCHASE (min $75) WILL BE DONATED to Highland Hall.


Shop for beautiful Waldorf friendly gifts and crafting items at Nova Natural!

Use the code HIGHLAND10 and you will receive Free Shipping and Highland Hall will receive a donation of 10% of your purchase! Click here to get started!



Use your linked Ralphs Rewards card every time you shop and earn money for Highland Hall!

Log into your account. If you don’t have an account, click here to create a new one. Your account MUST be linked to the Ralphs Rewards number you already use when you shop. Click here to learn more about registration and if you have any further questions, please call customer service at 1-800-576-4377 (1-800-KRO-GERS) for help logging in.

Once you’re in your account:

  • Click on “Welcome, Valued Customer,”
  • Click on “My Account.”
  • Click on your name and link your card to Community Rewards
  • Use the code TK967 to find Highland Hall
  • Click on the circle to highlight our organization
  • Click Enroll to finish the process and you are all set


Say goodbye to disorganized, inaccessible or forgotten main lesson books and artwork! Capturing Waldorf Memories gathers and organizes all those scattered artworks and main lesson books into one beautiful, hard bound "memory" book.

Highland Hall receives a 10% donation for every order placed and if you sign up before June 15 you will receive a discount of 10%!



A local dry cleaning business supports Highland Hall by donating a portion of our community's business back to our school.  To have your dry cleaning bill linked to Highland Hall, ask the dry cleaner to add our school phone number, 818-349-1394, to your account.



THE TREEHOUSE - Our Campus Store

School supplies, gifts, books, toys, coffee... So much can be found at our very own Treehouse
All proceeds support our school!



Do you want to enjoy eating the best organic produce that our area has to offer? You can with Good Life Organics Farm Boxes! The boxes are filled with beautiful 100% organic and locally grown fruits and vegetables which are conveniently delivered to the Highland Hall traffic circle every Wednesday afternoon, 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm. You can bring the best of the season to your family and save yourself a trip to the grocery store! Weekly or bi-weekly subscriptions are available, as well as seasonal add-on's, and you can hold or cancel your subscription any time. Each weekly farm box also means a 5% donation back to our school! Sign up online at



Visit our very own Farm Stand to support the Highland Hall Farm! The Farm Stand is open every Wednesday afternoon during the school year and Wednesday morning during the summer. You'll find fresh-picked fruit and vegetables, eggs from our chickens, and special seasonal items like honey and canned tomatoes, all coming from our school farm and grown with the help and love of our students and teachers. All proceeds from the Farm Stand go back to supporting the farm, like purchasing feed for our always-active chickens and new garden gloves for our always-growing children. Find the Garden Gnome Society at Highland Hall on Facebook.

Thank you for all of your support!