World Languages

Waldorf Education recognizes that studying another language provides a broader world perspective.  At Highland Hall our students begin studying world languages in the first grade and continue each year until they graduate.

Program Highlights

  • All students in grades 1-9 study Mandarin Chinese
  • All students in grades 1-6 study Spanish
  • All High School students, grades 7-12 study German
  • Immersion style instruction
  • Emphasis on communicative fluency
  • Cultural traditions, music, poetry, games, art
  • Tutoring classes for new students
  • Opportunity for study abroad for High School students

Student Exchange Program

Highland Hall has offered a successful high school student exchange program for over twenty-five years. 
Exchanges have taken place with Waldorf schools in countries such as Germany, Austria, Israel, Brazil, Peru, and the Netherlands.  While staying with a host family, students immerse themselves in the local language and culture while continuing their studies at a Waldorf School.