After School Care

Our After School Care program is staffed with trained and friendly care providers who see to it that children are engaged in school appropriate activities.

Early Childhood Center

After School Care (ASC) is held in the Kindergarten and is attended by the afternoon teachers. ASC officially begins at 3:00 pm when the children remaining are gathered for a short story/circle time. We ask that you not disturb this "quiet" time. The door/curtains will be opened when it is over.

Lower School & High School

Our Lower School and High School students enjoy a variety of activities including board games, card games and outdoor sports such as basketball, soccer, or volleyball. They can work on their homework, draw and color or simply have free time on the play yard. Students are not allowed to play with electronic devices.
After 3:45 pm, a parent or guardian must sign students out before taking them off campus.

ASC Fees

All students are under the supervision of the ASC staff once they are dismissed from class. Charges for After School Care begin at 3:45 pm, at which time any students remaining on campus are promptly signed in.
Parents can save on ASC fees through our annual or monthly pre-pay plan. You can click here to see the pricing and enroll in the Pre-pay plan.  The drop-in rates are $18 per child who are not enrolled in our pre-pay plan.  The monthly form and payment must be completed before the beginning of the month to receive the monthly rate. Forms not completed in time will incur the drop in rate.

ASC  End time

All of our after school care programs end at 6 pm, except on early dismissal days where it ends at 5 pm. (Note: please see the school calendar for specific days where there is no ASC offered.)

Where to pick up your child:

Grades 1 - 5 are supervised on the Middle Yard (behind the 3-6th grade classrooms) and must be signed out at that location.
Grade 6 - 12 are supervised in Room 12B (in the high school room closest to the basketball court) and must be signed out at that location.
After 5:00pm, all students are to be picked up and signed out in Room 12B.

ASC Emergency Contact number:

Early Childhood Center: 818-349-1394 ext. 229
Grades 1-12: 818-349-1394 ext. 224

School Volunteering:

If you are volunteering your time on a committee that meets between 3:30pm - 6:00pm, ASC fees will be waived if you indicate the name of the committee meeting on the back of the sign out sheet.