Student Exchange Program

Study Abroad - Waldorf High School International Student Exchange Program

Highland Hall Waldorf School has offered a successful high school international student exchange program for over twenty-five years. Students can participate in exchanges with Waldorf schools in any country where German, Spanish or English is spoken. While staying with a host family, students immerse themselves in the local language and culture while continuing their studies at a Waldorf High School. 

Since Highland Hall does not provide a full-service exchange program, the responsibility for organizing the exchange rests primarily with the student and their family. Naturally, participation in an exchange is contingent upon acceptance into our high school. Potential applicants are also responsible for finding their own host families and taking care of related practical matters. If you are interested in proceeding, please find our school on, the portal for international exchanges among Waldorf Schools around the world. We wish you the best of luck in finding a good match.

Non-Exchange Visiting Waldorf Students

If you are not able to find a student to exchange with, there is another option is available for foreign students. You may attend Highland Hall for two to three months and pay a reduced tuition of $1,500.00 per month plus whatever you agree to with your host family. We will ask members of our community if they could host you; however, the school has limited resources for finding host families. Due to this you have the primary responsibility for finding a host. Of course, if you have friends or family in the area, you could also arrange with them for housing and transportation.

Please contact Lara Chanley, Enrollment Director, at [email protected] if you are interested in a non-exchange visit at our school or with other questions.