High School Certificate of Completion

HS 4

This program is only recommended for students with talents more suited to an alternative individualized path than the standard high school diploma track.

This alternative path has been created to facilitate learning at the high school level to meet an individual student’s specific needs. Open to students entering all high school grades, the Certificate of Completion program offers students substantially adapted materials and individualized methods of obtaining information to support their success.
HS a
HS 3Four years of high school coursework will be based on a student’s unique needs and can include career technical education classes, interdisciplinary study, courses offered by regional occupational centers, independent study and courses taken at local community colleges. The student's program will be crafted through meetings between parent(s), the student along with our teachers and CARE committee. Students on this path would set periodically reviewed vocational goals and objectives. These may be tied to IEP goals. In addition, a student may seek credit through a job shadowing/training, internship, or work experience program. Certificate credits could also include diploma track courses.
Please contact Enrollment Director at [email protected], with any questions about the program.